Friday, July 5, 2013

From the West Coast to the East Coast

Where have I been for the past 10 days?? The East Coast!

In 10 days I traveled to Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington D.C. {and drove through a couple states in between}

Along the way, I listened closely to a tour guide and tried to soak in as much information as possible! I have always been fascinated by our nation's history, and there I was walking where the nation's greatest pioneers walked!

Some highlights of the trip were catching lobster in Plymouth, see Broadway's Motown, walking in Central Park, seeing a Yankee game, doing the "Rocky", going to Ford's theater, going inside the Capitol Building, and of course, seeing the White House {and there is SOOOO much more I left out}. I really feel like I did it all!

I'm excited to share these pictures with my second graders as they learn about our nation's symbols.


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