Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ten Frame Facebook Freebie

Today I was busy setting up my blog's Facebook Fan Page. I'm happy to say that it is up and running... I even managed to add a freebie exclusively for Facebook fans. Who knew I could unleash my inner techie {I sure didn't}.

Click {HERE} to 'Like' my Facebook page and get the current Fan Freebie... Chevron Ten Frames numbers 1 through 10. You can also click on the Facebook link to the right.

I've used ten frames in one form or another since I began teaching, but it wasn't until I attended a Singapore math class that it really clicked why ten frames are so important for primary students. Number sense is one of the most difficult things to teach, and ten frames in the classroom give a visual of numbers to students who are still developing this skill.

If I'm going to have ten frames in my classroom, why not make them cute?!? In order to make these printables smaller, I changed my printer settings to print two per page. This made them just the right size and ready to hang on my classroom bulletin board!

Here's a view of the set of twenty ten frames that you can find {HERE} in my TpT store:

If you purchase the full set of ten frames, I included two bonus game ideas that you can play with your students using the set of ten frames.

Be sure to come back soon to view pictures of my new classroom!


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