Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Organized Classroom!

Did you see the news!?! I will be a monthly guest blogger for The Organized Classroom Blog! I will be guest blogging every month this school year on the 19th, starting September 19th. In celebration for this awesome blogging adventure, I thought I'd do a quick share one of the ways I am organizing my classroom to make materials more readily available for my students. 

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Thursday crept up on me! 4 more days and I will be in my classroom with a group full of bright-eyed second graders. I have been pulling together the final details of my classroom.  I am very lucky to have several cubbies in my classroom. I have enough cubbies for each student to have their own, plus enough for me to store all my crap things.

I am assigning each second grader their own cubby space. Each student will have a number. This number is marked on their cubby, and will be used in other ways throughout the year as well (lining up, role call, organizing files, etc.). 

Don't you love the labels?!?! They are from Schoolgirl Style and match my classroom colors and pirate theme. I used a fancy hole punch to create the flower shape you see on the clear containers. 

Inside each cubby is a clear plastic container. These will be their book boxes and will hold their reading supplies like highlighters, post-its, pencils... you get the idea! I'll have more on how my student organize their reading supplies later! The number on these plastic containers matches the number on their cubby. This way, each container has a specific home. The best part about the plastic containers are that they're only $1 each, so if they break, it won't break the bank replacing them as well (pun intended :). 

And there you go! Short and sweet!

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How do you organize student-picked books and reading materials??


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