Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exciting Things Around the Corner in Second Grade!

Where have I been?!?! My goal of blogging at least twice a week went out the window these past few days! Professional development doesn't start till next week, but I have still been keeping busy with plenty of other endeavors. 

First, I joined STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and I am so excited to plan a STEM project with my new teaching partner, who just happens to be awesome! I spent two days learning about project based learning. Let me tell you, project based learning is the bomb! Okay, I don't think that's cool to say anymore... Let's try this again... PBL is off the chain! 

On top of my new journey with STEM, I was chosen as a monthly guest blogger for The Organized Classroom Blog!!!! You can see my guest blog posts on the 19th of every month starting in September, except December. If you follow me on Facebook, I will be posting links to my monthly guest blogging posts {plus, you can get my Facebook fan freebie... oh, the perks to liking me!}

And of course  on top of everything else, I've been busy in my classroom! I'm still a LONG way off. Way too far off considering professional development week is this Monday... EEEEEK!! Here are a few pictures to show what I've been up to...

I'm still planning on posting an entire classroom reveal, so stay tuned for even more!

I utilized the space above my whiteboard by hanging up some black paper and framing it with some pretty, pretty chevron border. I found the alphabet at the Learning Palace. There are some amazing alphabets on TPT, but I loved how this alphabet has photographs instead of cartoons. The rules are from Teaching with Style and are Whole Brain Teaching rules. I used WBT last year and loved my students' response to WBT's expectations. 

I was in love with how this turned out! I added a little extra flashiness with two tissue paper poms. I made each pom with 8 pieces of tissue paper; 6 white tissue papers and 2 black tissue papers in the middle. I just stapled them to the wall... easy-peasy!

This picture is of the back of my classroom. My word wall is to the left (not shown) and this is the math bulletin board. We'll be doing calendar, vocab work, number sense activities, and group meetings here. I bought the USA rug for only $125 dollars from eBay last year. I love eBay! 

I had another picture to show you of my Daily 5 board, but realized I totally mixed up the letters of CAFE'... man, I must be tired, or I need to go back to spelling school! I'll show ya'll my CAFE' bulletin board tomorrow with an awesome freebie! 

I'll be back in school tomorrow to try and finish up the rest of my classroom, minus some {a ton} of decorations. 

What things do you have in your math calendar area?? Do you change your calendar area on a monthly basis, or keep it the same?

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  1. I understand the lack of blogging! Your classroom looks great! I hope you have an awesome first day with your kiddos.



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