Monday, August 12, 2013

Made it Monday: Seating Rehab!

Is it Monday already? I was reading several blogs and realized many teachers are starting school this week! I feel very blessed to still have 3 weeks before my second graders come and 2 weeks before professional development week. I promised myself that I was going to get busy this week! There is a wrench in the motor, however... I'm apply for grad school (again!) and if all goes as planned, will be starting graduate school on August 26th! I've been in grad school before, but this is a completely new program, so I am nervous at the work load! 

This week is already starting out hectic, but I had to make sure to get my Monday Made It in! I'm linking up with Forth Grade Frolics!

Why not keep it simple this week? I'm down to the details! Last year, I bought two stools from Walmart for about $10 each. I wasn't sure if they would stand the test of time, and they didn't! Just a couple weeks after I bought them their buttons started to pop off! The kids really did like them, so I let it go and still let the use the stools. I needed a lot of seating in my classroom, so I decided to give these ugly things a makeover. 

I bought some red and white buttons at Walmart for $5 and hot glued them to the stools. I had to cut off the original buttons. Overall, this was perhaps the easiest makeover EVER! I love how they turned out, and if the buttons pop off, I have more waiting to be glued on! The best part is that they match my red and white classroom colors perfectly!

My next project was just as simple...

I purchased red containers from Michaels for about $3 each (I had a 25% off coupon and a 40% off coupon to make them cheaper). I love these bins because they are better quality than the ones at Target, so I am hoping they will hold up well! I bought the beautiful ribbon from Walmart for $3 a roll and hot glued it around the bin. I then placed 3 plastic cups on the inside to hold pencils. I did this last year to add more storage space in the bins to hold supplies. 

I'm excited about all the things I have to add to my pirate themed classroom! I hope my second graders are going to love the new look! 

Off to write an admissions essay... No fun! I'd rather be crafting :)

What colors are in your classroom? I'd love to hear about your classroom theme!


  1. What a cute idea to fix your stools! Your bins turned out cute too! I did the same thing with my bins too and what a difference a little ribbon makes! I have all kinds of colors and patterns in my classroom. Everything from bright colors to polka dots to a splash of zebra. Basically it is a hot mess of all things that make me smile. :)

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

  2. What a great idea to add cups to those containers! I've never thought about doing that before!


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