Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It: One Step Closer to a Finished Classroom!

I'm a little late to the Monday Made It party hosted by Fourth Grade Frolics. I spent the day working on my second grade classroom and was lucky enough to have a fellow teacher friend help me! 

I've been wanting a word wall for awhile; I've been thinking about it all summer! I just couldn't decide how to display words in a way that would be pretty and functional! Last year I only had a portable word wall; my classroom needed a word wall to be permanent! 

Then, last night (seriously, last night) I had a vision of my classroom's perfect second grade word wall design!  

My new word wall...

My classroom colors are red and black to go with my pirate theme. Since you can't avoid primary colors in an elementary/ second grade classroom, I also have a lot of blue in my classroom's design. I decided to cut 12 x 16" paper in half to display the words for each letter: Red is for the consonants and Blue is for the vowels. I then laminated the strips for durability. I will also add velcro to them so that I can easily remove the word cards.

The background is black... I just can't help but LOVE the simplicity of black bulletin boards! All of my bulletin boards are in black for a cohesive and clean-cut look. I used two borders, a scalloped black and scalloped gold border, for the outside of the bulletin board. I LOVE the look of two borders together; I think it adds depth and a pop! Okay, I have to admit it... I just love the whole thing! I couldn't stop looking at it and telling my friend, "I just love it!"

Here's a close-up of the word wall printable letters...

I found the pencil clip art from Creative Clips. I'm a little obsessed with chalkboard, so I knew these pencils would be perfect! I used blue pencils for the vowels and red for the consonants; this also matches the paper that I used for the words that will go on the word wall. I changed the printer settings to print two per page in order to make them just the right size! You can find these word wall printables {HERE}

AND, because I like things to match, I made some dull and sharp pencils labels... 

I found these red containers at the Dollar Tree and had to have them, knowing I could use them for something in the classroom. I thought they would be cute to hold sharp and dull pencils in. I used the same pencil clip art to create the labels. I used clear tape to place them on the containers (sorry about the glare, I don't have window coverings in my classroom yet!). 

You can get these {HERE} for FREE!

And last, but certainly not least, my awesome, amazing, super-cool teacher friend helped me organize my chapter books. There were so many, I couldn't even begin to sort my picture books (not all of them are pictured)! I think I have a problem!! Is there rehab for a teacher book addiction???

And there you have it! I am officially one step closer to having my classroom ready for my new batch of second graders! I am so excited for them to walk into my classroom and see a pirate theme and a big-ol' organized library. 

Do you have any ideas for classroom word walls that you would like to share? How do you make your word wall interactive and useful for students? 

If you have a link to your blog's pictures of your word wall, I'd love to see it, so please share!



  1. Very nice! I also completed my library today! It was like a never ending challenge to get it all organized! haha! Thanks for sharing!
    Teaching 3rd with Mr. G
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    1. Thank you... I still have a long way to go! I'll have to check yours out on your blog!

  2. Elizabeth,

    Your word wall looks amazing! Nice work!


    1. Thanks, I had a lot of fun! I'll stop by your blog to see what you've been up to!

  3. Here is a link to my wordwall. It was part of a wordwall linky party, so maybe you can find lots of inspiration.


    1. Thank you! I'm going to have fun looking through these! I love your word wall, it looks amazing! Love the layout and colors!

  4. Your classroom is looking great! I can see your hours of work are paying off. Your students are going to be thrilled when they arrive at such a nice classroom.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Granny Goes to School

  5. Love your word wall! It will really help the kiddos having those vowels a different color! Your room looks wonderful!


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