Monday, August 26, 2013

The Daily 5 CAFE' Menu Freebie and a Little Closer to School Starting

One week... just one week and I'll be one sleep away from the first day of school with my new bunch of second graders. I have my class list and couldn't be more excited to start the new school year! 

This weekend, I spent the majority of my time with organizing and decorating my bulletin boards. Behind my teacher's area/ guided reading table, I wanted the space to feel homey and welcoming. Here's a look at what I put together...

It's my Daily 5 CAFE' board! Yes, I plan to once again fully implement the Daily 5 in my classroom this year. I love the Daily 5 and have used it since I started teaching in 2009. CAFE stands for: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary... all components of being a successful reader. Students will learn about CAFE and make goals based on what they most need to grow and improve in as a reader. Students will then place a post-it note with their name on it to mark their goal(s). 

Under the colored paper will be strategies to help students meet their reading goals. We will add these strategies as the year goes on. I have my students write the strategies down so that they have more ownership of their learning. 

If you've seen other pictures of my classroom, you know that I love the look of black bulletin boards! I framed the board in a black border from Creative Teaching Press. The lamps are from a garage sale, and I found the shades at Walmart last school year. I was going to paint the lamps to go with my red and black pirate theme, but I decided I wanted to keep them yellow... I think the yellow lamps make my teacher area look more like home. 

As promised, I have a freebie for anyone who still needs CAFE menu posters. Click HERE to be taken to my TPT store to score my CAFE posters. I printed the posters at two-per-page, but I made them in full size. I hope you enjoy!

And... one last thing! Here's a peak of the current status of my classroom. I feel like I made it more of a mess! I still have random stuff everywhere that I couldn't quite fit into my cabinets. I better get cleanin'!

How do you use Daily 5 in your classroom??


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