Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Wish I Knew as a New Teacher Wednesday!

You've probably heard this before, teaching is the hardest job you'll ever love. I'm entering my fifth year of teaching, but I am no expert, not even close! Every year I learn a little bit more about what it means to be a great teacher. I wanted to share some of those things that I've learned these past four years; some things I hope to never forget and some things I hope help new teachers on their amazing education journey!

Here is my first What I Wish I Knew as a New Teacher Wednesday... September is just plain tough, seriously! I have yet to meet a teacher who says, "September is the easiest month of the year!" If you know someone who feels this way, please pass my email along to them because I would love to learn their secrets!

Students come into your classroom not knowing about your routines, rules, and expectations (with exception to looping). There's a lot of learning happening, but the learning involves how to be a good student in your classroom. It takes time, a lot of time, for this to sink in. Then, all of the sudden, they just get it! It might not be till October, but one day you'll walk into your classroom and your students are doing what's expected! Whoa! 

Why is this important to know? Because it is so easy to get discouraged! Last year, I moved to a new school and I felt like a failure my first month of teaching! I cringed every time someone entered my classroom during the day because I didn't want anyone to see anything less than perfection! Fortunately, a teacher in my hallway who has been teaching longer than I had told me the very advice I am passing on to you... September is hard for every teacher! 

Do you have advice you would like to pass on to new teachers? Or, are you a new teacher with questions about teaching? 



  1. Great post! I couldn't agree with you more! The anxiety of it all is already kicking in. EKKK!


  2. Elizabeth,

    I am always nervous at the beginning of the year, and I am starting my 23rd year! I also have way more work at home at the beginning, getting everything up and running. I really enjoyed reading your blog, and I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Go to my blog to read the instructions.


    Forever in Fifth Grade


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