Monday, September 23, 2013

I Love Math Games!: Number Sense Math Game Freebie

 It's Monday... not just any Monday... a Monday after having a sub. Yes, it was a crazy day and I had to use my stern teacher voice several times. I was so ready to relax when I got home (and thankful that I had enough planned to take a little break to blog). 

I'm a math maniac! I love teaching math and love looking at data to help improve how I teach math! I try to keep my math block as consistent as possible so my students know what to expect; this really helps with keeping learning student centered.

 Here's what my 60 minute math block looks like:

Math Game (15 mins)
Guided Practice (30 mins)
Math Workbook/ Problem of the Day (15 mins)

Math workbook and the problem of the day alternate. I use the problem of the day to gather data on whether or not the majority of my students understand our objectives. I pull the students who aren't showing evidence of understanding the objectives during the last 15 minutes of math to work with me in a small group.

I also have an additional 30 minutes of math before the 60 minute math block where my students do math facts and daily math review.

Enough with the nitty-gritty! Let's get to the freebie!

I'm sure many other primary teachers struggle with helping students develop their number sense. This is a game made especially for helping my kiddos with their number sense, patterning, and counting. Students roll a ten-sided dice to get a number and must fill-in the five numbers before and after that number. Easy, right? And, since it's a game... the kids totally loved it! The classroom was filled with smiles and lots of rolling dice!

Just click on the game board above and you will be taken to this freebie



  1. Who doesn't love a good math game! Will be adding this one to my number sense bucket. Thanks for sharing... Teaching with Giggles

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