Monday, September 16, 2013

Launching Read to Self: The Daily 5 in Pictures!

Are you Daily 5 crazy like I am?? I couldn't imagine not using Daily 5 in my classroom and have been implementing it since I first started teaching five years ago. 

Every year I learn a little bit more and get a little bit better at teaching the five reading choices. One thing I learned is how important it is to make sure Read to Self is down pat. Most of my time is spent launching Read to Self and building student reading stamina. Once my second graders thoroughly understand Read to Self, learning the other 4 choices quickly fall into place. In my opinion, Read to Self is the glue and foundation of the Daily 5. 

Here's a peak at some of my anchor charts and little more about what The Daily 5 looks like in my second grade classroom! 

I start The Daily 5 with my kiddos learning Read to Self expectations. We have a lot of fun role playing the right and wrong way to find and reading spot and build independent reading stamina. We create our T-Chart and continue to add and modify it until we, as a class, agree that it is perfect! The picture on the right is the final draft of our Read to Self I-Chart. I will hang our final chart up in my library so we can continue to refer back to it throughout the year. 

Each day, I continue to do mini-lessons on CAFE reading strategies. My second graders learn different songs and hand motions to remember these important strategies. I encourage my kiddos to do the hand motions while reading so that I can clearly see which strategy they are using during Read to Self time. I just LOVE seeing my students do this and they are so proud of themselves for doing the reading strategies!

 After we practice the reading strategies, I add them to our CAFE board which is near my guided reading table (I'm chomping at the bit to start guided reading and reading strategy groups!). To close our Daily 5 time, students share a reading strategy they used with a partner and I randomly call on students to share what strategy they used with the entire class. I cold call on students to hold them accountable and to remind them that every reader needs to practice reading strategies every time they read, even their teacher! 

For the first couple times students Read to Self, I choose their reading spots for them. Once I feel like their ready, the students and I work together to come up with a list of places they can and can't sit during Read to Self and how they're going to get there. We practice finding our reading spots quickly and quietly again and again until we have it down perfectly! I don't want my students to lose any time from their reading to find a place to sit and practice make {almost} perfect!

Student Book Boxes:

Giving a book box to my second graders is like giving them a Christmas gift... they were so excited! Before Read to Self, I place about 5 books in each students book box. Each day I rotate the books. By doing this, my kiddos don't get bored of the books they have and continue to stay engaged while reading. I let them keep two of their favorite books, if they want. 

Now that Read to Self is going pretty darn good, I'll add writing, word work, and partner reading this week! I will have more pictures to share of these reading choices soon! 

What does Read to Self look like in your classroom????

 If you have a blog post of what The Daily 5 looks like in your classroom, please share! 


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