Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Currently... Already!?!

I almost forgot about Currently, hosted by Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade! Today was just not my day and I am happy to blog... blogging puts me in such a relaxing mood *sigh*

Listening: Who else is a The Voice fan?? I don't have a favorite contestant yet, but I am always a fan of Cee Lo Green. I love his personality. Maybe one day he'll read my blog and want to meet me... Okay, Okay, Okay... a girl can dream, right!?!

Loving: My teaching partner and I started running and I am so happy to be working out regularly on the track. 

Thinking: So much to do, so little time :)

Wanting: Wouldn't life be easier with a 24/7 assistant? Or even a classroom assistant for that matter! 

Needing: I have so many units that are 90% finished... it's time to get them in my TpT store!

Trick or Treat: I use whiteboards almost every day in my classroom for math. I just love how my students can hold up their whiteboard and I can quickly say, "yes, you got it" or "Check your..." It sure beats students doing math on a worksheet and I having to circle around the room to see whether or not they're understanding the skill. I can give feedback to ALL of my students within a minute by having them simply hold up their whiteboard. PLUS, my kids really love it! 

How's your October going? 


  1. OMG I LOVE the Voice! I am a huge fan. I have been watching it since the beginning! I love Adam and Blake..they are so funny! I love your background to your blog..super cute. When you find an assistant...send one my way in Cali.

    Mrs. Bucaroff's Fantastic Fourth

  2. What did you do to finally motivate yourself to run? I definitely need to if Im going to complete the half marathon in January. I just realized what "trick or treat' meant in Currently, duh...as in give a teacher tip. My brain must be fried, because on mine I wrote: something about pumpkins. Cute blog!
    The Teacher Tattles

  3. I need to start running on a regular basis too...good for you! I go through phases and I right now is a not so focused phase. And yes, so much to do, so little time.

    Crayons and Whimsy

  4. I love The Voice! Elizabeth, what is your running secret? I can't find the motivation. I hope that tomorrow is a better day!


  5. Great minds think a like about the assistant :) I have been watching the voice this season because a guy I went to high school is on it!!

    My Crazy Life

  6. I finally got the motivation to run and it looks like I won't be running anymore for a long time, lol, I got the motivation by running with my teaching partner. Apparently it was not meant to be because I ended up with a dislocated knee on a day we were supposed to hit the track!



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