Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Detailed Observational Drawings in Science- Scaffolding Beautiful Art

When a lesson turns out beautifully, there's a need to share! 

I just launched the beginning of our 2nd grade STEM project. My lovely 2nd graders are learning all about the beach and integrating it with science and math. We have a big field trip around the corner! In order to meet our field trip's objective, my kiddos need to know how to draw detailed pictures and make detailed observations in their science journals... Now that's hard work, *sigh*

After one lesson, my students were drawing the most beautiful detailed flowers! Read on to find out how...

I explained to my students that with a field trip coming up, they will need to be able to make detailed drawings of what they see in their science notebooks. We will see a lot of nature on our field trip, so we will need to be able to capture exactly what we see!

I showed them a photo of a flower and told them all about Sam, a fictitious student who learned how to make detailed drawings. 

Sam was told to make draw the flower he saw, so he drew this...

My students' reactions were so cute! I heard, "He should try a little harder" and, "That's interesting." Haha, future teachers! 

I had students turn-and-talk to discuss what Sam could do to improve his drawing, then called on students to share with the class. 

I told the kids Sam heard the same comments, then drew a second draft...

But, his drawing still didn't have enough detail! Again, my students did a turn-and-talk to discuss what he can improve on, and what details he was missing. We discuss shapes, and texture, symmetry, and shading. The vocabulary was just amazing!

I showed my students the final drawing...

Now, it was time for my students to go to work. I handed my second grade students a square piece of paper and watched as they drew the flower in complete silence! 

Their drawings were so beautiful! 

I think we're ready for our field trip! 



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