Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cyber Monday Blog Hop Stop #22

I'm so glad you stopped by! The bloggers of Primary Powers are sharing their best tips for using GoNoodle in the classroom. You have landed on spot number 22. Read on to find our how I use GoNoodle to engage students in math instruction, along with an awesome giveaway! Or, you can start at the beginning and find your way back here. 

1. Warm-up your lessons with an engaging math song. Research shows that music and movement before lessons can increase students' attention span and can help focus your students. 

2. Take a brain break during math assessments. In my classroom, students take a brain break every 5 assessment questions (or less, depending on the length of the questions). They know that if they stay focused and work hard, they will get a break to get their wiggles out! I have seen an improvement in student motivation to work through an assessment, and an increase in focus during the assessment!

3. Use math songs to supplement your math instruction. Working on counting to 100? Are your students learning how to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s? Use a GoNoodle song to help your students along the way!

4. Take a break when your students are getting wiggly. I take my cues from my first graders. When I notice they're getting particularly wiggly, we take a break! I set the expectation that after our brain breaks, we get back to work and refocus. It's amazing how taking a quick break helps us get back to business!

5. Close your lesson with a brain break. Did your students work hard to accomplish tricky math problems? Reward them with a brain break! They will love it and it will make their hard work that much sweeter!

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You can also enter to win a class set of GoNoodle shoelaces... 
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I was lucky enough to snatch a few of these GoNoodle shoelaces up this summer and my students LOVE them! I use the shoelaces as a reward for my first graders who know how to tie their shoes. These shoelaces have been very motivating! 

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Thanks for stopping by and entering this giveaway! Keep hopping for more great GoNoodle tips and more chances to win some great swag! Your next stop will be to All Students Can Shine with some great tips on using GoNoodle during assessments! 

How do you use GoNoodle in your classroom?

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