Friday, December 5, 2014

Classroom Rearrangin'!

Last weekend, my mom came to school and helped me rearrange my classroom furniture. 
I wasn't happy with my set-up. I love carpet time with first graders, and our carpet at the side of the classroom limited what we could accomplish there. I also have wiggly kids who need to spread out, and the carpet is a great place for them to do this. 

With the carpet front and center, I have eliminated a couple transition times. The carpet is closer to the SMART board, so we won't have to transition from the carpet back to our desks in order to see the board. It's amazing how a small change gives us more learning time!

Before: I loved my corner carpet spot, however, we couldn't see the board very well. When I taught from the board, students had to transition back to their desks. 
After: I moved the carpet to the center of the classroom, this way, we did not have to transition back to our desks. Students who need a break from their table group can work on the carpet. 
I moved my couch, which was the biggest bummer of the rearrangement. I love my wicker couch, and am sad to see it hidden. Oh, well! My couch potatoes are my two helpers of the day. It is a special place for my kiddos! They love being a helper and sitting in such a comfy spot! 
I moved my shelf to the back of the classroom. I am going to have to do a bit more rearranging! This will soon become our math wall. It's a Christmas break project! And the white stuff on the trees... It's supposed to be snow, haha! I think I missed the mark on that one! 
As I move the bulletin boards around, I'll be sure and share my classroom's new look! 


  1. It looks so cute! I love your mushroom stools and all the adorable details in your classroom!

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