Friday, February 12, 2016

10 Reasons to Love Chromebooks in the Elementary Classroom!

When I was told our school's desktop computer lab would convert to a Chromebook lab, I had a teacher freak-out moment... What!? Chromebooks!  You mean my technology classroom won't be able to use Microsoft programs?? You mean we won't be using iPad tablets???  But, but, but...

Six months later, I'm loving them for many, many reasons. And, my kids love them too! So much in fact, that I've had kiddo after kiddo tell me they have received a Chromebook for their birthday or for Christmas.

Not convinced Chromebooks are right for your school or classroom? Read below to find our why I love 'em in my tech lab!

1. Price

A computer under $200 you can use in your classroom? Yup... It's called a Chromebook! How much is an iPad again? Oh, yeah... over my classroom budget!

2. Taking over iPad?

According to Gartner, by 2017, Chrombook sales are expected to nearly triple. And... a simple Google search pulls up plenty of articles claiming that Chromebooks are outselling iPads in schools.

3. They're fast

Flip that baby open and it will startup in 8 seconds or less! Can your computer do that??

4. Google Classroom Apps

If you're not using Google Classroom, start now! It will make your teaching life so much easier. Your Chromebook is made for Google applications. It will be a breeze for your students to log into their Google accounts and let their digital learning take flight!

5. Full keyboard

If you're nothing like me and have extra money laying around, you can buy your iPad an attachable keyboard. Or... you can buy a Chromebook and the keyboard comes with it! Typing on a touchscreen is not the same! Can you imagine writing an essay on a touch pad... that just sounds pretty awful.

6. Adobe Flash

Think you can access any website on your iPad... think again!

7. Easy to setup (Tech Departments Love Them)

Every time my students open up their Chromebooks, they can sign in and access their own files, photos, and assignments. Tech departments love how easy Chromebooks are to set up and manage.

8. Easy shut down

All students need to do is close their computer and they are logged off their user accounts. Since Chromebooks are web based, all of their Google files automatically save. When the computer is opened back up, the next student can sign on to their personal account.

9. Easy to move

Just unplug and you have a personal laptop that can go anywhere in your school.The days of stationary computers are in the past! I have kids laying on the carpet typing away on their Chromebooks as comfy as can be. Great for flexible seating!

10. Kids love them!

My students feel like they have their own personal laptops. They feel so grown up! I never have to worry about my students not being engaged with this device.

Am I missing anything on my list? Do you have Chromebooks in your classroom? What do you love about them? Share your comments below!


  1. I totally agree that if students love them it is a worthy thing! At the same time we all know about budget and other factors. But, your example proves that a good teacher can work with everything having a desire to give knowledge to kids. Chromebook is a must have in the classroom, as teachers have to show students new opportunities. Moreover, I am confident that such lessons/ instructions are necessary for parents, who often know only how to find online essay writing service to help students because they cannot help their children with academic papers. Though, there are so many awesome resources!

  2. You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!! Is a laptop better than a Chromebook?


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