Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Vlogged My Way Through #ISTE17

ISTE may not have realized they gave me an early birthday present this year.

Let me set the scene:

On May 15th, three days before my 30th birthday, I was teaching a lesson in a 3rd grade classroom. Don't ask me what that lesson was, because all I can remember is seeing a boldly worded email from my coworker stating: YOU WON A TRIP TO ISTE! In disbelief, I checked my Twitter to see this:

And I did what any Tech Coach would do in this situation... I scream, then interrupted my own lesson to announce to a class of 32 third graders that I had won a trip to San Antonio.

With a nearly empty pocketbook, I had it in my mind that the ISTE conference was not possible this year. I had just purchased a new home as an independent woman and every cent I had was going into the house. So, when I read this tweet, I had nothing but happy butterflies in my stomach. The universe was set on me attending this conference, so gosh darn it, I was going to make the most of it!

And then this crazy idea popped into my head! I was going to vlog my way through the conference. No, of course I had never vlogged before. And, no, I didn't have any YouTube followers who were expecting some grandiose video. But, it was an idea that I was dead set on sticking to.

As soon as I received my summer paycheck, I went to Best Buy and purchase my first "fancy" camera (thank you price match). Up until this moment, I had never used a camera with an interchangeable lense. I was a serious amateur.

But, I had this whole plan in my head. I knew how the video would start, I knew what random scenes I would need to capture, and I knew I would need to step out of my comfort zone and do something a little different in order to make this video worthwhile. I was suddenly a director of a movie starring yours truly.

Looking like a true tourist, my new camera did not leave my neck, with exception to when my dear friend Heather filmed me at opportune times (she's was a lifesaver, let me tell ya!). I left with hours of footage, most of it not worthy of YouTube. However, I managed to capture an epic rap duet, a post award show ceremony starting only myself, and *drum roll please* singing on stage as part of EdTech Karaoke.

Was my vlog perfect? heck no! Did I look like a total nerd talking to my camera? Heck yes! But, I captured my authentic self... in all my glory. Will I do it again? YES! You best believe that I'll be at #ISTE18 with a camera around my neck ready to capture some vlog-worthy footage. Who knows, perhaps you'll find yourself on camera!


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